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Brunel University London course preview
For KS3 learners

Adventure University

NEW! Jess and Quincy, two students at Brunel University London, will guide you through this course. Adventure University will support you to think about your future and increase your knowledge of your options after secondary school.

St Mary's University, Twickenham course preview
Year 12+

An introduction to law

The Law Programmes team at St Mary's University, Twickenham will introduce you to a diverse range of topics including types and sources of law, the relationship between law and justice, legal issues in the world of sport, and how negotiation skills can resolve a business dispute.

City University London course preview
Year 12+

Guiding university choice

Andy Smith, Widening Participation Outreach Coordinator, has created this course to introduce you to some of the issues you need to consider when choosing which degree to study. You will learn how different degrees can provide the foundation for future careers and also what universities look for in applications beyond academic qualifications.

KS4+ learners


What is the study of Linguistics what do Linguists do? Over these four sessions Professor Monika Schmid will introduce you to the field of Linguistics and highlight some specific topics of study such as bilingualism, language acquisition and language attrition.

UWL Maths course
Year 12+ A Level Mathematics students

Mathematics short e-course

Dr Anastasia Sofroniou (Senior Lecturer in Mathematics) will introduce you to the topics of Algebra, Differentiation, Integration and Statistics and guide you through the steps to solve the mathematical questions posed.

Photography course
Year 10+


This course will give you an insight into what you would study on a photography degree and also help you to develop your photography skills. You will learn about the four key aspects of photography: composition, copyright, ethics of photojournalism and storytelling.

London Met U Social Problems and Issues course
Year 11+ students

Social problems and issues

Dr Stuart Isaacs (Course Leader, Social Policy and Sociology) will introduce you to the concept of social problems focusing on homelessness, youth gangs and migration thus enabling you to develop your social and policy research skills.

RHUL course preview
For staff / teachers in schools and colleges

Understanding the University Application Cycle

The Schools Liaison Team at Royal Holloway has created resources for staff in schools / colleges who help and advise students with university choices and the application process. The course will help staff to understand how they can support their students when making decisions.