A City, University of London course

Guiding University Choice

Year 12+

Andy Smith


Andy Smith
Widening Participation Outreach Coordinator
City, University of London

About this course

This course is aimed at introducing you to some key issues you will need to consider when choosing a relevant degree to study at university including the following:

  • the issues around selecting a course
  • the breadth of subjects available to study at university
  • how different degrees can provide the foundation for future careers
  • what universities look for in applications beyond academic qualifications

During the course you will hear from current undergraduates discussing their pathway into university as well as university staff working in admissions and careers.

Course sessions

  • Session 1


  • Session 2

    Why type of degree course can I choose? What sort of university would be right for me?

  • Session 3

    Foundations for a future career

  • Session 4

    Pulling it together