A London Metropolitan University course

Social Problems and Issues

Year 11+ students

Dr. Stuart Isaacs


Dr Stuart Isaacs
Course Leader, Social Policy and Sociology
London Metropolitan University

About this course

Poverty, youth gangs, homelessness and migration are just a few of the social problems that we face today. This stimulating course will help you understand these issues beyond the sensationalist headlines we often see. The course will also help to develop your social and policy research skills which are desirable for public and private sector organisations including working for local and national government, community organisations, charities and social care organisations. Finally, this short course will give you a unique insight into what it would be like to study Sociology and Social Policy at university.

Course sessions

  • Session one: What is a social problem?

    This session will define the concept of social problems distinguishing them from economic, psychological and political problems.

  • Session two: Homelessness

    This session will define the notion of homelessness. It illustrates how it affects many more people than is often understood.

  • Session three: Youth gangs

    This session engages with a former gang member and provides first-hand insight into what it really means being in a youth gang.

  • Session four: Migration

    This session looks at the contribution and positive impact that migrants have made to the UK.