A Royal Holloway, University of London course

Understanding the University Application Cycle

For staff / teachers in schools and colleges

Course sessions

Session one: Making choices

This Session is designed to help you guide your students in choosing their courses and universities.

Session two: Writing a personal statement

This Session is designed to inform you on how to best support your students when they are writing their personal statements. This will cover what admission tutors look for and what features should be avoided.

Session three: What happens next?

This Session will explain what happens next after the UCAS deadline - how to support students in choosing their firm and insurance choice, visiting their university choices, applying for accommodation and student finance.

Session four: Last minute jitters

This Session will help you support students with the last-minute jitters that they may have before exams and Results Day. It will look at effective revision and study skills, and will let you know what to expect on Results Day. It will also go over the processes of UCAS Clearing and Adjustment.