Seven higher education institutions have developed new and exciting
short online courses for students in Year 9 upwards and their teachers and advisers

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Our courses are undergoing some maintenance. They'll be up and running shortly.

The AccessHE Online Learning Project

How the courses work

Most of our courses consist of four sessions each lasting approximately 30 minutes. As learners work their way through the sessions they will undertake tasks / assessments reinforcing their understanding of the topics covered.

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Information for teachers

Our Online courses are designed for learners in Year 9 upwards. Students first need to register and then use their Username and Password to log on to the course. Most of the courses will take approximately 2 hours to complete in total.

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Information for learners

Are you in Year 9 or above?
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You can take each session when it suits you and once you have completed a course you will receive a Certificate of Completion.

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