A University of Essex course


KS4+ learners

Professor of Linguistics

Professor Monika Schmid
Lecturer, Linguistics
University of Essex

About this course

In this short course, you will be introduced to linguistics as a field of study. You will learn about what linguists research and what they do not. You will also be introduced to the study of bilingualism, different ways of learning languages and how you might lose language.

After completing this course you should know what linguistics is and what topics you can expect to be able to study should you choose to pursue linguistics at higher education.

Course sessions

  • Session one: What is the study of linguistics?

    In this session, Monika will introduce you to Linguistics and a field and invite you to think about any misconceptions you may have.

  • Session two: What is bilingualism?

    In this session, you will learn about bilingualism in its many forms, and how having knowledge of more than one language can effect how the brain works.

  • Session three: Learning and teaching languages

    In this session, you will learn about how people learn languages including the differences between being taught a language since birth and being taught a language at school.

  • Session four: Language attrition

    In this session, you will learn about how language is lost and how even a native language can become rusty over time.