A University of West London course


Year 10+
Steve Speed
  • Educator
  • Steven Speed
  • Lecturer, Photography

Course sessions

Session one: Composition

This session will look what makes an interesting image. During the session you will be introduced to a number of compositional conventions that once mastered will start to improve the aesthetic quality of your photographs.

Session two: Copyright

One of the important issues for photographers to be aware of before they start charging for their images is copyright. The session will look at what copyright is and how it applies to photographers.

Session three: The Ethics of Photojournalism

This session will look at the role of a photojournalist and what their responsibilities are when they are recording the world around them.

Session four: Storytelling

This final session will look at how meaning is created through photographic images and at some of the devices and techniques that help to build a narrative in a photograph.