AccessHE member HEIs

AccessHE has 23 HEI members, and AccessHE Online showcases the content and resources they have developed for engaging virtually with students.

Join AccessHE

In addition to receiving our full range of services, all members of AccessHE are supported by the AccessHE Online project. Through our network of over 300 schools and colleges, we ensure our members’ online outreach content reaches a pan-London audience, and our Uni Connect team can broker connections with specific schools and/or target groups when it comes to working with them online.

If you would like to discuss AccessHE membership for your institution, please contact Dr Richard Boffey, Deputy Head of AccessHE, on

Support for existing AccessHE members

We are keen to support our members in meeting the targets outlined in their Access and Participation Plans, and to enable them to play an impactful role in their local communities via outreach. This includes helping them to deliver innovative online outreach.

If you would like to discuss how AccessHE Online can support your work in engaging virtually with schools and colleges, with vulnerable learner groups, and/or with adult learners, please get in touch with our Uni Connect team on, who will be happy to help you.

Find out more about our HEI members and what it is like to study one of their courses:

* Colleges of the University of London