A St Mary’s University, Twickenham course

An Introduction to Law

Year 12+

Dr Vanessa Beever


Vanessa Beever
Law Programmes Director
St Mary’s University, Twickenham

About this course

This interesting and diverse course will help you understand the extent and significance of law in society today. After introducing you to the many different types of law and our sources of law, we will ask you to think philosophically about what is law. We will use Batman to illustrate a legal theory that law is about achieving justice. After that we’re going to guide you through some of the many legal issues that arise in the world of sport. Finally, we’ll bring the law to life showing you how contract law that is learnt in the classroom is used in everyday life to resolve a business dispute.

Course sessions

  • Session one: Law is Everywhere

    This session will examine the extent to which law impacts our lives, help you understand the nature of the English legal system and finally look at the sources of law in the English legal system.

  • Session two: Batman: What is Law?

    By examining Batman's relationship with law and justice, in his mission to protect citizens and root out corruption in Gotham City, this session will introduce you to the key concepts of positive law and natural law.

  • Session three: Sports and the Law

    What are the potential legal consequences of a football club sacking a manager before the end of their contract? This session introduces you to Sports Law and the reason for the increasing significance of law in the world of sport.

  • Session four: Legal Skills: Negotiation

    During this session you will use your knowledge of the law and your negotiation skills to give legal advice to a client in order to resolve a business dispute.