Guiding university choice

Module progress:

Session one: Exercise two

UCAS Course Search

You are now going to start looking at what’s out there by using the Course Search facility on the UCAS website.

  • Refer back to the table in Handout ‘A’ you have just completed so that you have it in front of you.
  • Then click on the following link to take you to the search tool:
  • Enter where you normally live, then choose the forthcoming year, and then in the ‘Course’ field enter any of the subjects or the career that you entered in your table in Handout ‘A’. NB leave ‘Provider’ and ‘Location’ blank. Then press ‘Search’.
  • You will see that there are a variety of courses and places where you can study.

Spend about 10 minutes searching for other courses / subjects and after searching select 5 degrees in order to complete the table in Handout ‘B’ together with the universities that offer them. You will need to refer back to this table as you progress through the course so make sure you have it to hand.