Guiding university choice

Module progress:

Session two: Exercise two

Selecting a university: what’s important to you?

When thinking about choosing a university a number of questions will be floating around in your head. For instance:

  • Its reputation?
  • Where is it located?
  • What facilities does it have?
  • What support will I receive?
  • What is its record like for getting students into employment?

There may well be other criteria you want to use as well. However, the important question to ask yourself is whether that university offers exactly what you want to study.

We are going to give you time now to think about what is important to you in selecting a university, reflecting on the criteria above. Spend about 3 minutes completing the table in Handout ‘D’ by putting a tick in the box that matches your thoughts on its importance to you. You will find a couple of empty boxes under ‘Criteria’ if you wish to enter any other criteria.