Guiding university choice

Module progress:

Session three: Exercise one

Linking your degree to careers, employers and skills

You are now going to investigate how the degrees you are thinking of studying can offer a variety of career opportunities. For this you will be using a specialist graduate careers website where you will be able to discover:

  • What sort of jobs graduates with different degrees enter
  • The type of employers who recruit graduates with those degrees
  • The ‘transferable skills’ you would gain from studying that degree
  • Information on further study options and case studies of students entering the world of work

Spend about 15 minutes investigating the degree titles you noted you are interested in studying in Session one (see Handout ‘B’) by using the website link below and find out what jobs, employers and skills match up by completing the table in Handout ‘E’.

For example:

SubjectDirectly-related JobsOther Possible JobsType of Employer(s)Skills you will gain from studying
ZoologyEcologist, Marine ScientistEnvironmental Education ManagerZoos, Research InstitutionsAnalytical, Data Handling, Communication