Guiding university choice

Module progress:

Session four: Exercise one

Entry requirements

In this exercise you are going to return to the five degrees titles you noted in the table in Session one in Handout ‘B’ and you will research their entry requirements using the same UCAS Search facility as before:

  • Once again enter where you normally live, then the forthcoming year, and then in the ‘Course’ field enter one of the degree titles from Handout ‘B’.
  • This time enter the university you noted in your table in the ‘Provider’ field (leave ‘Location’ blank) and press ‘Search’.
  • You will then see the variety of degrees you can study at your chosen university.
  • Select the degree that interests you most.
  • Then click on the  ‘Entry requirements’ tab and investigate which qualifications and grades you need to study that degree.

The next video clip will introduce you to the value of the UCAS Personal Statement.