Student finance

Feel confident about funding university

Can I afford to go to University?

Yes! Anybody can afford to go to University because there are loans, scholarships and bursaries in place to support with this all.

How much support you get depends on is a highly individual calculation, dependent on your course, household income, where you study and whether you live at home.

Estimate how much you’ll get in a loan by using the Student Finance Calculator >

What support is out there for me?

If you:

  • Are from a low-income household, or have an adult who depends on you financially
  • Have a disability, mental or physical health problem of learning difficulty
  • Are under 25, have no contact with your parents and support yourself
  • Have children or pay for childcare

You will be eligible for extra Student Finance England support.
Your chosen University will also offer hardship funds, scholarships, and bursaries for a range of support areas. CHECK on their website or speak to their admissions team!

Note: you do not pay back a bursary, grant, or scholarship.

What makes London different?

The cost of living in London is higher than anywhere else in the UK! If you’re a student here, you’re entitled to more money from SFE.

Living away from home, studying outside London

Household incomeGrantLoan
£18,370 or less£8,100£1,710
£45,001 or more£1,000£8,810

Living away from home, studying in London

Household incomeGrantLoan
£18,370 or less£10,124£2,136
£45,001 or more£1,000£11,260

When do I have to pay my loan back?

Once you leave university, you only repay when you’re earning above £2,214 a month (equivalent to £26,575 a year) and then it’s fixed at 9% of everything you earn above that. All debt is wiped after 30 years.

Still stuck? Money Saving Expert has all the answers.

Can I earn money whilst doing a degree?

Yes. It is possible to have a part-time job whilst studying full-time. You could take on bar, restaurant, retail or promotions work. Within your university you could work in an administration or customer service role in the campus library, shop, bar, careers service or students’ union. Some university positions even come with free accommodation!

REMEMBER: it’s all about balance. Studying full-time, working part-time and making time for social engagements is difficult and requires a lot of organisation. Watch Miranda, a student at the University of West London, share her experience with you:

Of course, a Degree Apprenticeship combines work and study. Find out about them by watching this!

How do I apply for student finance?

Hear from Student Finance England themselves!


Here’s a timeline for your reference to stay on top of dates about applying

  • Application goes live
  • First deadline for Student Finance applications for next academic year
  • Deadline for Income Statement Forms to be sent to the Student Finance office (we also require a copy of your Notice of Assessment as soon as you receive this from the Tax Office)
  • Students receive their results and offer letters
  • University starts