Support my students with university applications

With the amount of information and guidance available to teachers and advisers, it’s hard to find impartial and straightforward support for university applications. Below we’ve shared a few resources we’ve created, as well as existing sites, which will help support your students with their university options and personal statements.


AHE Online logo

AccessHE’s Online Short Courses are designed to give learners a taster of what our member universities have to offer. From a tutorial in ‘Molecraft’ – a combination of Molecular Biology and Minecraft – led by Dr Mark Lorch from the University of Hull, to a photography course from the University of West London, learners have access to an expanding range of course opportunities available in Higher Education.

CreativeHE Apply Guide

Launched in early 2020, the Creative HE Apply Guide supports students to discover and apply to a range of creative higher education courses, including art, dance, design, drama, music, technical theatre and more – download the Creative HE Apply Guide PDF.

Personal Statement Guides

Resources produced by our member Higher Education Institutions, with specialist guidance to help applicants to Russell Group Institutions, vocational courses, as well as creative degrees:

UCAS logo

UCAS, or the University and College Admissions System, hosts a range of resources to help with personal statements, applications, clearance, and admissions tests. Below are a few that might be of use:

> Personal Statement Tool
Designed to help students reflect on the big questions that motivated their university choices, this resource helps students articulate why they picked their course at their chosen institution.

> Conservatoire Personal Statement Guide

> Making Changes to UCAS applications
Once a student has submitted their application, schools and colleges can keep track of their success by following instructions in the above link.

> Admissions Tests
Some universities require additional admissions tests to attend and this link provides up-to-date on when, where, and how students sit an additional entrance exam.

> Clearing Guide
Though the deadline for applying to university in 2020 has passed, there is still a chance for prospective students to earn a place through clearing. Use this guide to learn more about the process.