Below you'll find a list of frequently asked questions about the AccessHE Online courses. If you can't find what you're looking for, or if you'd like us to add a question, please get in touch.

AccessHE Online is a platform that gives secondary school students and teaching staff access to free courses developed by our partner Higher Education Institutions (HEIs). These online courses will be free and will follow a common higher attainment/ higher education theme.

The AccessHE Online website is currently free-to-air. This means the courses available are completely free for anyone who would like to take them.

A majority of the courses on the platform should take approximately 2 hours to complete, although these timings may differ for courses that use additional platforms or software. You can spend as long as you like reading the course materials but some quizzes and short answer questions may have a timer attached. This timer is simply a guide to how long you might want to spend on each task and you are welcoming to spend longer if you need to.

If you think you may require more time for a particular question let the member of staff who is leading the course know. If you are completing the course outside of the classroom or without a member of staff then feel free to spend as long as you want on the tasks!

The courses are free of charge.

AccessHE Online does not currently have a ‘reading list’. Instead related documents, books, PDFs, hand-outs and other additional relevant information will become available to students as they progress through the different courses.

There is not currently an AccessHE Online App.

AccessHE try their best to ensure that the course content remains relevant, in-date and impartial but, due to the ever-changing nature of the content of some of the courses, this might not always be possible. If you believe any of the course material is out of date, factually incorrect or biased please get in touch using the link at the top of the page and we will try our best to resolve this issue.

The target audience for each specific course can be found on the course catalogue under the course title, although this is only a guideline and students have access to all courses regardless of age. AccessHE has tried its best to ensure that courses are targeting learners at the appropriate level but due to differences in curriculum etc. this cannot always be ensured. If you are finding a particular course very testing it may be best to speak to a member of staff at your school and ask them to explain the concepts that you are finding most challenging.

If you are struggling with an idea, concept or question first try to re-watch the video as it is possible you may have missed a piece of information the first time round.

If you are having trouble with a quiz or short answer question, try your best to complete it and once submitted you will be able to check which answers are correct and you may be able to download a guide on how the short answer questions could have been answered.

If this does not help try to use the additional websites/ PDFs or downloads located on the page which may help to explain some issues better. You may also want to ask your classmate, teacher or parent / carer if they can help you to understand the concept or question you are finding difficult.

The courses should work on any browser but we do suggest that if you are having trouble viewing the content/ downloading files etc. then try using a different browser.

Currently only one course requires additional programmes to be downloaded before the course can be completed - this is Hull’s Molecules in Minecraft© Course. The course outline will provide you with instructions on how the programme can be downloaded on to your computer. Please ensure that the firewalls on the computer you are using have been relaxed otherwise they may prevent you from downloading the software.

If you have completed a course you will still be able to view the videos, re-take the quizzes and re-write your short answer questions.

You can see your course progress on menu on the right-hand side of the screen called ‘course navigation’. Grey arrows mean you are yet to complete that particular session, when this arrow turns green it means you have completed that session.

In order to get a green arrow for your session, you must complete all of the different units in that session. You will know when you have competed a certain unit as it will have a green dot next to it instead of a grey one.

In order to move on to a new sessionyou must make sure you have completed all of the units in the previous session. Once these are completed you must ensure that you click the ‘Mark Complete’ button in order to move on to the next unit or next session.

If you wish to re-print your certificate simply click on the course on the course catalogue and the ‘print your certificate’ button can be found at the top of the page.

Anyone can take an AccessHE online course but all of the courses, with the exception of Royal Holloway’s ‘Understanding the University Application Cycle’, are aimed at secondary school learners from Year 9 upwards. To take a course simply register using you name and email address.

You may take the courses in whatever order you wish and may take as many courses as you want at the same time.

Although, once you have started a course, you must complete every unit within the given session and mark them complete in order to progress on to the next session.

The target audience and schooling level for each specific course can be found on the course catalogue under the course title, although this is only a guideline and students have access to all courses regardless of age. The courses do not require specific pre-requisites but different types of courses will be more beneficial to those who already have an understanding of the subject.

The Mathematics E-Course for example, is aimed at Year 11 Maths A-Level Students and therefore may prove too challenging for those who have yet to reach this level of schooling.

The assessments can take many formats including quizzes, short answer questions, a quick mind-map/ notes or even just class discussions.

The quizzes will be marked by the computer and will generate your score as soon as you click submit. You will then be able to see what the correct answers are. Please do not worry about your test results, they are only there for the purposes of allowing you to see how well you have understood the video.

The short answer questions will not be marked unless your teacher marks them for you, although some courses may offer a guide on how the short answer questions could have been answered.

You will be given your quiz score once you have completed your quiz, apart from this, only your teachers will be able to see your short answer questions and quiz scores.

If you would like to see your answers to your short answer questions you will have to ask your teacher to print off your answers.

Our platform does not have auto-delete functionality. This means user data will be on the website until the website no longer exists.

User data can be deleted by AccessHE on request. If you wish to have your data deleted please get in touch using the link at the top of the page.